Sleepynest, the only cradle that recreates the womb
environment for happier, healthier babies that sleep longer!

* Soothes, calms, and comforts your baby almost instantly.
Recreates the familiar environment of the womb, gradually transitioning your baby to the world naturally.

Why You Will Love Sleepynest

Less Crying

Your baby will cry significantly less.

Longer Sleep

Babies slept 63% longer in Sleepynest cradles.

Enhances Brain Development

Lowering your baby’s stress will increase its neurological development.

Reduces Risk of SIDS

Our 100% breathable crib reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Sleep Trains Naturally

Babies learn to fall asleep on their own.

Economical & Ecologically Sound

Because you rent our cradles, rather than buy them, they’re more affordable and better for the environment.

Happy Baby = Happy Parents

Sleepynest Helps Your Baby Transition From Womb
to World

Our smart cradle mimics the womb environment, making your baby feel secure and comfortable, and promoting better sleep, less anxiety, and greater development

The sounds and movements of the womb are programmed to slowly and steadily diminish over a four-month period, gradually transitioning your baby, reducing stress and anxiety.

Sleepynest babies:

  • Sleep sooner and longer
  • Cry less
  • Gain weight faster   
  • Have improved neurological development
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